Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3 can help you take control of your health with our medication review service. The better informed you are of the medications you’re taking—why, when, and how to take them—the easier it will be for you to have greater ownership of your health and well-being.

Creating a Better Understanding

It is crucial that you understand your prescriptions, including if they are compatible with other over-the-counter medications and supplements you may be taking. Accessible, approachable, and knowledgeable, our pharmacists will help you get a better grasp of all your medications, ensuring they work the way they were designed to.

Offering Face-To-Face Consultations    

Our pharmacists offer confidential, one-on-one consultations to thoroughly evaluate the medications you’re taking. We will be able to identify and resolve any drug-related issues you may have, including drug interactions or side effects, and recommend possible changes to your drug therapy if necessary. We will also design a customized care plan to help you reach your health objectives.

Our pharmacists will not only provide valuable information about your prescription medication, but also review over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and natural health products you may also be taking.

Providing Optimal Health Outcomes

Medication reviews are an important tool to provide your best health outcome. Your prescriptions do not need to be dispensed by Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3 to qualify for this service.

For the most comprehensive medication reviews, with the best advice on how to maximize the potential of your medication treatments, Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3 will help you manage your healthcare.

To make an appointment or inquire about the qualification for this free service, contact us today!