People may develop venous insufficiency because of hereditary factors, increasing age, or hormonal changes. Others may have primary or secondary lymphedema that needs ongoing care. Compression stockings and garments are amongst the most successful and simplest means of promoting and maintaining healthy venous circulation, as well as controlling edema.

At Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3, we have certified fitters and expert garment fitters with the experience to guide you to choose suitable compression socks or stockings, compression sleeves, and other custom fit garments appropriate for your lifestyle and needs.

What Are Compression Stockings?

Do you have tired, aching legs? Do your ankles swell? Do you have a job that requires you to sit or stand for a long time? Do you travel by airplane? Compression stockings can help ease everyday stress and strain on your legs. They work by applying external pressure to the legs to help pump blood back up to your heart—improving circulation!

Why Wear Compression Stockings?

Wearing compression stockings is vital for the prevention and treatment of a number of common issues, including edema, varicose veins, lymphedema, phlebitis, and other circulatory problems. They are also ideal for everyday people who stand or sit for extended periods of time. Compression stockings are also helpful for physically active individuals wanting to boost circulation during marathons, biking, and other activities.

Compression Garment Specialists

Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3 provides unparalleled compression garments fitting services. Our trained and certified compression stocking fitter will properly measure your legs and choose the stockings that are right for you. We carry all the latest high quality compression stockings and garments, available in wide assortment of colours, shapes, and sizes for both males and females.

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