Pillow Paws Terries Double Imprinted

Pillow Paws Double-Imprint Terries Slipper Socks provide warmth, comfort and are an excellent choice for patients who are returning to their feet. Our double-imprint line of patient safety footwear, assures that the slip-resistant tread is always in contact with the walking surface. This assurance helps get patients back on their feet with confidence.
Unlike other manufacturers, the slip-resistant tread is printed on the smooth side of the terrycloth fabric. This allows the ink to “puff” and create a full, robust tread design. The ink is not lost in the terry loops, enhancing safety and comfort. Our Pillow Paws Terry Slipper Socks are machine washable for multiple usages.



Size Sock Color
Toddler 4-7½ Yellow

Child/Youth 8-4½ Lt. Blue

Adult 5-7 Teal

XL Adult 7½-10 Tan

XXL Adult 10½+ Gray