Leukotape K

Elastic Kinesiology Tape

Leukotape K is an elastic kinesiology tape which has been used successfully for many years to relieve pain, treat swelling and discomfort and improve function for patients in daily practice, in the hospital setting and sporting communities. Strength, coordination and proprioception can be improved by taping with Leukotape K.

Leukotape K is constructed from a highly elastic cotton substrate coated with a wavelike pattern of adhesive which works with the skin’s natural elasticity. The tape is applied using specific techniques, whereby tape is applied over and around muscles to give support, without affecting circulation or range of motion. In this way Leukotape K promotes the body’s own healing process whilst allowing complete freedom of movement.



Product Benefits

  • Wavelike adhesive pattern generates the therapeutic effect
  • Protective backing paper for control of extension and ease of handling
  • Easy to cut, leaving no adhesive residue on scissors
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Stretches to work with the skin’s natural elasticity
  • Breathable fabric, permeable to air and water vapour
  • Good initial adhesion and reliable long term adhesion, durable for up to one week’s use
  • Water-repellent, to allow for sports and showering
  • Edges do not fray
  • Easy to remove, leaving no adhesive residue after removal
  • Low allergy, latex free