Compounding for Your Furry Friends

A balanced combination of ingredients is key in helping your pets take their medication. Macdonald’s Prescription #3 is a compounding pharmacy that is committed to the health of your furry friends by using pet-friendly bases, natural flavours and sweetners in our compounding medications. Introducing you today some of the bases we use when compounding: 


  1. Fixed Oil Suspension 

Most animals like the taste of oils. Almond oil used in this base is neutral tasting, so is palatable for many species including dogs, cats, and ferrets. Oil bases also help coast drug chemicals, masking bitter-tasting drugs. Additional flavours such as chicken, bacon, fish, or liver can be added to enhance the flavour according to your pet’s preference. Another advantage of oil-based suspension is that it usually allows for longer expiry date than water-based suspension.  


  1. Suspendit

It is a base made with a natural sweetner derived from monk fruit. The base thickens upon standing and thins when shaken, allowing for rapid mixing of drug particles. Flavours can be added to enhance the taste of the compound.  


We are always improving and adding new ways to help owners medicate your pets. Visit Macdonald’s Prescriptions Kitsilano for more information. You can also call us between 9 to 5 pm during Monday to Friday, and 10 to 4 pm Saturday at 604-738-0733 or email us at