Silent Pressure: Diagnosing and Managing Hypertension

Hypertension is often referred to as a silent disease because it has very few symptoms and many adults are not even aware of the fact that they have high blood pressure. It is very important for both physicians and patients to work together to diagnose this condition because long-term blood pressure elevations of hypertension can lead to heart failure, a heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. Therefore, it’s not only important to diagnose abnormal blood pressure but to manage it as well.

Hypertension is measured by looking at the top and bottom number in your blood pressure reading. They are known as the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Your systolic blood pressure reflects the amount of pressure placed on the heart muscle during a contraction while blood is being pumped out, while your diastolic blood pressure is a reflection of the amount of pressure the heart experiences during relaxation while it fills with blood. Knowing your normal blood pressure is important because this information will help you and your doctor detect potential issues. Your doctor will start to pay closer attention to your blood pressure if the numbers seem irregular or outside the normal of what a healthy blood pressure should be. An elevated reading does not necessarily mean you have chronic high blood pressure, especially if it happens once, which is why doctors will monitor your numbers to see whether or not they remain high over a specific period of time.

Hypertension can occur from a number of different factors, including genetics, obesity, smoking and an inactive lifestyle, all of which can contribute to the development of this condition. If you have other chronic conditions like diabetes or kidney problems, this too can lead to hypertension. In order to reduce the risk of heart disease and other problems, you can exercise regularly and manage your stress. Weight loss, the consumption of less alcohol and quitting smoking will all help control your blood pressure. It is very important to take hypertension seriously so that you lower the risks of the negative consequences that come with this condition, all of which will affect your overall health. Once you and your doctor determine that there is indeed a problem you need to be proactive and persistent in order to fight this disease, which many people have to deal with throughout the remainder of their life.

There are ways of lowering the risk of developing hypertension but you must pay close attention to your blood pressure in order to be able to diagnose and manage it successfully. MacDonald’s Prescription #3 can help you with any condition you may have. If you’re in need of a drug store or medical supply store in the Kitsilano or Vancouver areas, be sure to visit them today so that you can start feeling better right away.