Tips to get rid of a migraine

Migraines are more common than you can imagine. Migraine attacks can have a significant impact on a person’s day to day life and function. Some people experience such a splitting headache that they can compare it almost to a pain resulting from an injury. Although one major difference between treating an injury and a migraine is that with medication and some lifestyle changes, you can control migraine pain and decrease their occurrence.

Running to a local pharmacy in Vancouver definitely sounds like a simpler way to deal with it, medicines alone can only suppress the symptoms of a migraine and the root cause needs to be addressed through lifestyle changes only. Fortunately, the lifestyle changes needed to manage a migraine can drive additional benefits like good health and overall well being. Here are a few quick steps you can take to get rid of a migraine:

Calming your environment
One thing that most people do at the onset of a migraine is to Google ‘drug store near me’ to find a medical store nearby. We understand the desperation to get rid of a migraine but one of the first things that you need to do for managing pain is to calm your senses. Try turning off the lights and relax in a quiet room.

Using temperature therapy
Often, cold and warm compress help to relieve pain. Ice packs have a numbing effect and can dull the sensation of pain when applied on the spot. Heating packs can help you to relax your tensed muscles. You can also try to take warm or hot baths to have the same effect.

Although only in small amounts, caffeine can cause a significant reduction in the symptoms of a migraine. In addition, it can enhance the pain reducing effects of drugs store medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and aspirin. Too much caffeine can lead to a withdrawal headache later.

Lifestyle changes to help you manage your migraine


You may be surprised to learn that your sleeping patterns can help you manage a migraine effectively. Establish regular and consistent sleeping patterns. Remember to take up some form of relaxation like reading a book or watching a simple movie or listening to soothing music before you retire for the day. Save your bedroom for a good night’s rest by keeping your gadgets away. If you are not sleepy, read a book or listen to music until you feel sleepy.

Eating well

There is no doubt that having good eating habits goes a long way in ensuring that you maintain good health. Be consistent with your meal timings and try not to skip any meals. It is best to keep a track of foods that you consume and make note if any specific food triggers your migraine.


Including a regular 30 to 40 minutes exercise in your daily schedule is a must to stay healthy and at an optimal weight. For a migraine, many health experts swear by the power of meditation and yoga. In fact, yoga has specific postures that help to target migraines and treat it from the root.

If you are experiencing frequent migraine attacks, MacDonald’s Prescription #3 can help. We not only provide medicines to manage pain but also provide advice on lifestyle changes that will help you to combat migraines over time. Talk to our pharmacist today to know about your options.