8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Beetroots, also known as beets, are a popular root vegetable made up of the taproot of the beet plant. The most popular variety of beet is the sugar beet. One fantastic thing about beets is that their medicinal benefits. Regular consumption of beets and beet juice can help with a variety of medical concerns and ails as well as help prevent conditions from getting worse. Here are our top eight medical benefits that beetroot, whether fresh, juiced or in pharmaceutical grade supplements form, offers!

Beetroot Helps Anemia

Beetroot is very high in iron, which can help those who suffer from a specific type of iron deficiency anemia. To produce hemoglobin, which is what transfers oxygen and nutrients around your body, your body needs iron, which is why having a healthy supply is so important. Incorporating beets into your diet is a great way to get some extra iron.

Beetroot for Cholesterol

Beetroot contains flavonoids, betacyanin, and dietary fibre, all of which helps towards minimizing LDL and preventing its build up in arteries.

Beetroot for Stamina

Beetroot helps more oxygen get around your body to keep its energy thanks to the nitrate content within it. Nitrate enlarges arteries so that more oxygen can get around your circulatory system and help boost your energy levels. The iron in beetroot also enables you to stay alert and improves your stamina.

Beetroot Helps Your Liver

Your liver needs specific nutrients to stay healthy, and beetroot is stuffed full of everything it needs! Iron, betaine, vitamin B, antioxidants, and much more are all in beetroot. Beetroot also helps to thin bile which allows it to flow better and helps the liver eliminate toxins from it, so there is no nasty build up in your body!

Beetroot Helps with Constipation

Beetroot is full of dietary fibre. If you eat the vegetable itself, especially raw, then it will help ease constipation. It also is a natural laxative and can help with normalizing bowel movements and is said to help flush toxins from your body.

Beetroot Can Slow Down Tumor Growth

Beetroot contains betacyanin, which can help to slow down tumour growth in specific cancers – prostate and breast cancer. It cannot cure cancer and should never be used as treatment alone, but it can help slow down tumour growth by up to 12.5% and so is a worthwhile part of a treatment plan.

Beetroot to Boost Expectant Mothers’ Health

Beetroot contains something called folic acid, which is a nutrient that helps keep expectant mothers strong and growing babies healthy. Folic acid helps protect growing babies from brain defects and spinal cord defects including spina bifida.

Beetroot for High Blood Pressure

Beetroots contain nitrates, which, when consumed, dilate arteries and help to lower high blood pressure. Consuming 500 grams of beets a day, or around two cups chopped (this can be juiced or in supplement form), can help lower your blood pressure in only a few hours.

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