3 Best Fitness Tips Over 30

Everybody wants to stay healthy and fit; however, as we get older, especially past 30, it becomes more difficult to achieve and maintain our desired fitness level. This does not mean that staying fit after 30 is impossible, though, as this blog post will make clear. If you follow these tips, you will ensure that you can make progress towards your goal of staying healthy in a safe and efficient way.

The most important fitness tip is simple and well-known:  eat healthier. Some may be surprised at this and believe that exercise, not healthy eating, is the best way to achieve and maintain fitness. While exercise is indeed very important (and will be discussed in further detail below), it is the food we eat that reigns supreme. To see this, consider someone who exercises daily but also indulges in an unhealthy diet made up of candy and fast food. It is highly unlikely that he or she will be fit. However, by adopting a healthier diet, we can prevent excessive weight-gain, lower cholesterol, and mitigate the easier gaining of weight that seems to occur as we get older. Unfortunately, this means cutting back on pizzas and burgers, but on the other hand, you will feel so much better when you start integrating more vegetables, legumes, and similarly healthy foods into your daily diet. To make sure you eat healthy, cleanse your pantry and shelves of any unhealthy snacks and food. Occasional indulgences are ok, but staying consistent and disciplined in a healthy diet will reap plenty of fitness gains.

In conjunction with healthier eating, you should also exercise more frequently. Go on a bike ride, go for runs, try rowing, do some weightlifting, and anything else that gets you moving and your heartbeat racing. People are supposed to exercise at least 30 minutes a day; if you are not doing this, make it a goal. If you begin to eat better and start consistently working out, you will see a world of change in regards to achieving and maintaining fitness.

With this said, however, you should be careful to not injure yourself when working out. As you get older, your body becomes increasingly more fragile, so you need to make sure your exercises are not overly strenuous. In this respect, adopting and tweaking a certain gambling maxim is your best bet for avoiding injury while exercising: know your limit, and exercise within it.

Another significant tip is to cut out unhealthy habits, like smoking and drinking. These habits damage your lung and liver, respectively, and they will also counteract any progress you make when it comes to eating healthier and exercising more frequently.

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