What Are Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements?

What Are Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements?

If you’re like me, you probably take supplements (or at the very least, have thought about it). But there are literally hundreds, heck even thousands, of supplement brands to choose from. And with so much out there, how is anyone supposed to separate the good from, shall we say, the not-so-good? No need to worry. There is a way to figure out which supplements give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “pharmaceutical-grade supplements” get tossed around from time to time. No doubt, it’s a pretty impressive sounding phrase. But do you really know what it means? Well, there is no time like the present to learn all about pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements.

What Does Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements Mean?

Pharmaceutical grade means that the supplements have been manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions. The GMP process ensures that the products are produced and controlled with the highest quality possible, from training and equipment to raw materials and facilities. So, if you want to make sure you’re getting safe and reliable supplements, make sure they are GMP certified.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements are Bioavailable

A supplement is only as good as its ability to be absorbed and utilized by the body. Otherwise, you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. When it comes to bioavailability, it can be a challenge to sort through which brands absorb easily—or at all, for that matter. Fortunately, choosing pharmaceutical-grade supplements takes all the guess work out of this equation.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements are Pure

It almost goes without saying that supplements need to be pure. So, what exactly are we talking about here? The products shouldn’t contain unnecessary binders, fillers, or dyes, or any mysterious substances. But with the scores of brands flooding the market (many making outrageous claims), how can you be sure you’re not getting more than you bargained for?

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements need to follow stringent guidelines, ensuring that they are 99% pure, without additives or unknown ingredients. Why settle for anything less?

Well Worth the Price

Do pharmaceutical-grade supplements cost a little more than the average ones? They can, but they are worth it. Remember, it’s true what they say—especially when it comes to vitamins and other supplements—“you get what you pay for.” So, the next time you are in a bind trying to figure out which vitamins are the right choice, think pharmaceutical-grade.

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