How Compression Stockings Can Help Expecting Moms

How Compression Stockings Can Help Expecting Moms

Can’t wait to snap tons of photos of your ever-expanding baby bump? Excited to see your little bundle of joy in ultrasounds? The great news of a pregnancy is enough to have many new expecting moms (not to mention soon-to-be grandparents) do the happy dance, jump for joy, and celebrate.

And yes, sure, pregnancy is a glorious time for many women, filled with all kinds of tiny wonders. Unfortunately, for many of you moms-to-be out there, however, you can also add swelling and varicose veins to that list of happy little surprises.

Hold on just a second. That won’t happen to me, will it?

We don’t want to freak you out (after all, you have enough on your plate already), but up to 40% of women develop varicose veins during pregnancy. We also hate to also break this to you, but you can pretty much add pain and swelling to that “fun-time” list of childbearing revelations.

What’s the deal with my lazy circulation?

Your heart has formed a simple, but effective alliance with your legs. Your heart pumps blood down and your legs and veins pump it back up. But when you throw pregnancy into the mix, a growing uterus and hormones that help your body prepare for birth can add up to less-then-perfect circulation.

Often times, your legs fall short on their end of the bargain. They become tired, achy, and swollen, looking like balloons with everything pooling at the bottom. Plus, if you are standing or sitting for longs periods of time, you are only going to make matters worse.

So how does compression gear fit into all of this?

Imaging holding a balloon firmly in your hand. It would have no place to expand into, making it simpler to push the air—or in this case, pump fluids—back up.

Compression stockings (or compression hose, pressure stockings, support stockings, or gradient stockings) work very much the same way. They give your legs some much need help to get fluids flowing back to your heart. It’s no wonder why so many athletes and runners are using them. Adding compression stockings to your maternity wardrobe will go a long way in giving your circulation the helping hand it deserves.

If the idea of being hit with varicose veins and swelling during pregnancy isn’t exactly your cup of tea, run out and pick up a pair of compression stockings. Pregnant women everywhere swear that they’re heaven sent.

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